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Your leading manufacturer and supplier of modular solutions for construction, infrastructure or building maintenance projects in the UK.

Where It Started

Modular Safety Systems Ltd started in 1998, over 24 years ago under the name of Ezi Klamp Systems providing handrail and barrier solutions to the construction & Infrastructure sectors, throughout this period and going forward the company has been continually innovating and evolving its offering to meet the changing needs of contractors in these sectors.

ModSafe™ is a trading name of Modular Safety Systems Ltd. 


Regal Balustrades Acquisition

Having many years’ experience in the handrail & balustrade environment led Modular Safety Systems Ltd to acquire Regal Balustrades – specialists in the design and manufacture of bespoke balustrades, handrails and architectural metalwork – at the beginning of 2022. This therefore not only helped us enlarge our product offering, but also supported the company vision of ‘Making access to Industry Safer!’


KATT Safety Acquisition

In the middle of 2022, Modular Safety Systems Ltd acquired another business – KATT Safety, a trusted provider of high-quality fall protection and access systems that protect life and enable safe work at height. This acquisition again increased our product range, number of sectors we can support and the reinforce the vision.


Introduced MODSAFE™

During 2022, our new company name – ModSafe™ was launched and the 3 brands – Ezi Klamp, KATT Safety & Regal Balustrades was developed under this. ModSafe™ has a strong commitment to providing high quality products & services, best level engineering and brilliant customer service. We are continually striving to evolve our offerings and provide ways of making access to industry safer for years many to come.